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Hello, and welcome to MacMahon Renovation Solutions, LLC


Are you looking to update the old kitchen in your house that was probably quite stylish at one time, perhaps in the waning days of the Eisenhower administration? Are you hesitant to do anything about it for fear of being ripped off by fly-by-night renovation “contractors”, who are more interested in taking your money than they are about helping you get rid of those avocado green formica countertops?


Well, you’ve come to the right place, the on-line home of Your Virtual Kitchen Makeover.


My name is Bruce MacMahon, founder and president of MacMahon Renovation Solutions, a small New Hampshire company founded on the simple belief that providing one’s customers with the best service and product possible, at a fair price, is the only way to run a successful business. I started this company after having worked in the construction industry for 16 years. What I’ve learned is if you want to do a job right, you have to know what constitutes a job done poorly, and take the appropriate measures to avoid duplicating the shoddy work of others.


A simple, yet all-too-common, example:


Take a look inside your kitchen cabinets, along the top edge, where the cabinets are fastened to your walls. Chances are, you’ll see something like this.




Ask a roomful of contractors if they use a lot of drywall screws in the course of their work, and the answer will be a resounding “Yeah, of course!”. Unfortunately, if you ask those same contractors if they use drywall screws to hang kitchen cabinets, you’re likely to get more than a few responses of “Yeah, so what?”.


Now, ask those same contractors if they even bother taking the time to make sure those screws are securing the cabinets into the wall studs. Yikes! You’d think this one was a no-brainer.



These are actual kitchen cabinets installed by “professional” builders. I’m not so sure I’d be willing to trust those cabinets with my grandmother’s Wedgewood china. I certainly wouldn’t expect my customers to do so, either.


Pride and Ownership of One’s Work

I stand behind every aspect of my work, from the first pencil mark, down to the last screw. If my name is attached to the finished product, you can be sure there were no corners cut and no shortcuts taken to get there. My name is only as good as my work. My work is my reputation, and my reputation is the foundation on which I’m building my business.


If you hire me to do any work in your home, that’s just what you’ll get.




I will be on site to perform, or directly supervise, all aspects of the work, from start to finish. Unlike any past experiences you might have had with some other home improvement contractors, you will never catch me dropping off a carload of strangers to spend the day inside your house, unsupervised.


That’s simply unacceptable, and it’s not how I do business.

The $64,000 Question

What is it about the gravitational pull of one’s kitchen that inevitably causes guests to congregate therein?


It could be nothing more than the fact that it’s where the food and cold drinks are most often situated. Regardless of the reasons, doesn’t it make sense that your kitchen should be as attractive a gathering place as it can be? And, you can’t ignore the increased resale value that an updated kitchen will provide you with, should you decide one day to put your house on the market.


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a shiny new kitchen (or bathroom, playroom, or living room) says so much more.

Ready to take the first step?

Call or write to make an appointment for your Virtual Kitchen Makeover.


MacMahon Renovation Solutions, LLC is currently serving customers in southern New Hampshire.